Baby Halloween Costumes to Charm and Captivate

Baby Lady Bug Infant Toddler Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes Lady Bug Costume

Welcome to Baby Halloween Costumes Portal . . . your source for adorable baby costumes and Halloween party tips online . . .

Whether you’re looking for a costume for your precious newborn, infant, or child you’ll find a huge collection of Baby Halloween Costumes for all festive occasions to choose from, and most important you’re guaranteed the best costumes at the best prices anywhere on the internet.

By simply clicking through you’ll access customer reviews, coupons, and outstanding customer support as well as costumes for the whole family.

. . . It’s a fact, Halloween has become one of the most celebrated holidays of the year and, for good reason, as it gives family an unique opportunity to have a good time together and to get their creative juices flowing. It starts with each family member choosing and finding their perfect costume, down to and including browsing for Baby Halloween Costumes for baby’s first Halloween.

Baby Peacock Infant Toddler Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes - Baby Peacock Costume

Lil Monster Infant Toddler Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes - Lil Monster CostumeWhether this is your baby’s first celebration or not, taking the time to find the best baby Halloween costume for your bundle of joy is well worth it.

After all, you are creating memories for you and your loved ones for years to come. And of course you want your baby to be the star he or she is.  There is nothing more adorable and impressive than a baby garbed in a sweet costume.

Perhaps this is your toddler’s first trick or treat.  Or maybe it’s a Halloween party gathering and your looking to find a costume that comfortable, and safe as well as adorable.


You may already have in mind what you want your toddler to be this year, or if you’re like a lot of folks you haven’t quite decided yet.

Traditional Baby Halloween Costumes Are Fun Anytime . . .

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Infant Toddler Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes Happy Halloween Pumpkin Costume

Ahoy Matey! Pirate Toddler Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes Pirate Toddler Costume


Pirates are always a classic choice. With the success of Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean, and the entire movie franchise, pirates are more popular than ever.

The standard look is a striped dress, dark pants, and the popular captain’s hat. You can accentuate further by adding a hook on the arm, or an eye patch, with the caveat that baby’s comfort and safety comes first.

You can play up the Sparrow effect by aging the costume or getting one that has been artificially styled as such. Throw in a vest and attach some fake hair to the hat and accessorize to get  a unique look.


Ninjas . . . you can have your baby join in the never-ending pirates versus ninja fun!

Fire Ninja Toddler Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes Fire Ninja Toddler Costume

With the rise of pirates, the Oriental ninjas will be closely in its footsteps. The classic style of these Eastern assassins is black overalls with either a mask or a headband.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Child Costume

Baby Halloween Costumes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Child Costume

Or you may envision your child as a Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Either choice is sure to delight and amuse your little one.

Batman Dark Knight Batman Toddler CostumeSpider Man Comic Infant Toddler CostumeSuperman Infant 6 to 12 Months Costume

Superheroes such as Batman, Spiderman or Superman are also cute classic Baby Halloween Costume choices . . .

Wonder Woman Toddler Costume

Wonder Woman Toddler CostumeBaby girls can also come to the rescue as Wonder Woman, of Batgirl.  Both are very both very popular choices and tons of fun.

Batgirl Toddler Costume

Batgirl Toddler CostumeLG

Witches . . . is she a good witch or bad witch?

Fiber Optic Pretty Witch Toddler Costume

Fiber Optic Pretty Witch Toddler Costume

There are Tons of Sweet Animal Baby Halloween Costumes . .

Black Kitty Infant Toddler Costume

Black Kitty Infant Toddler Costume Lil Penguin Elite Collection Infant Toddler CostumeLGPortrait

Lil Penguin Infant Toddler Costume

Lamb Infant Costume

Lamb Infant Toddler CostumeLil Monkey Elite Collection Infant ToddlerLil Stinger Elite Collection Infant Toddler CostumeLil Stinger Costume

Lil Monkey Costume

Disney and Looney Toons Cartoon characters, fairy tale costumes such as Snow White, Cinderella, PeterPan, Tinkerbell … having to make a choice may be the hardest decision because they are all so adorable.  The best part is dress up enhances creativity and depending on your little one’s age they can continue to role play in their costumes and have fun beyond Halloween.  Whatever you dream for you or your bundle of joy there is a ready made baby Halloween costume waiting for you.

Lil Ducky Infant Toddler Costume

Lil Ducky Elite Collection Infant Toddler Costume

Sugar Plum Fairy Infant Toddler Costume

Sugar Plum Fairy Infant Toddler Costume

Today you’ll be able to find a costume to satisfy your creativity as well as fit your budget including clearance items.  Remember, aside from adorable, you want your baby to be comfortable and happy, and safe in their costume.  So be sure to consider the climate, and activities your little one will be partaking in when making your selection.

Also this year when your baby is all too cute in their Halloween gear be sure to capture the memories to share now and for years to come.

Here are some resources for you to make good use of your photos and videos.  It’s easier than ever to create special keepsakes . . .

To create your own Holiday Invitations, Scrapbook, Slideshow and more such as the one above, visit Halloween eGreetings!

Save your memories and create an online scrapbook or website at:

Visit Haunted Holidays Muppet Wiki at:

Add a special scrapbooking  baby poem to your creation.  Here’s an excellent selection of poems for you at:

And if you would rather have a personalized hard bound memory book you may like

Check The Brooklyn Public Library for cute Halloween songs and stories suitable for the first five years.

I hope you have been inspired for the Halloween season and enjoy this site.  You will be able to find just the right baby Halloween costumes for you and your entire family by clicking on any of the costume links above.  In addition you will see that the customer support is great, as well as hundreds of product reviews and ratings written by the customers themselves.  Save yourself time and money and get your costumes today.  Happy Holidays!

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